Our Services

Property Acquisition

Searching for the property, you’re searching for properties that ideally fit your investment strategy with the goal of making an acquisition.

The underwriting process involves in-depth financial analysis of a property that combines both current data, such as occupancy, rental income, property taxes and utilities, with assumptions related to future performance.  This is the formal due diligence stage. The due diligence process addresses all key concerns and provides all relevant information to buyers about the property.

Property Development

Real estate development, or property development, is a business process, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others.

Common duties for real estate developers include:

  • Researching property to purchase for development
  • Working with other professionals throughout the development process
  • Managing budgets for real estate projects
  • Negotiating costs and terms with contractors
  • Securing funding for development
  • Establishing designs and development plans with architects and engineers
  • Obtaining permits for planned development and construction activities

Duties of REMC Development Team:

  • Identifying an attractive development opportunity
  • Responding to Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) or Opportunities for redevelopment projects
  • Working with lawyers, agents, and other professionals to draft contracts
  • Assembling development teams, including architects, engineers, marketers, agents, builders, etc.

Management & Consulting

  • Help the company to achieve its corporate goals and objectives by providing advice, support, and information necessary for achievement of these goals
  • Collecting, reviewing, or organizing data necessary for decision making in light of current circumstances or future trends
  • Recommending actions based on analysis of existing conditions or possible changes in the environment

Operation & Maintenance

Comprehensive O&M components:

  • Overview: Includes background information such as company history, organizational charts, and personnel information.
  • Maintenance Procedures: Outlines proactive and corrective maintenance programs to ensure important assets remain in good working condition. Procedures summarize equipment test requirements, troubleshooting processes, and scheduling protocols.
  • Emergency Procedures: Lists the, including the people and agencies to notify and how to handle crisis communication.
  • Physical Building: Contains detailed information about the facility, including site surveys, building codes and specification information, floor plans, and types of building materials. Contractors and subcontractors provide this information during construction.
  • Operating Procedures: Provides detailed explanations of SOPs so employees can quickly adapt to new roles. Additionally, SOPs make it easier for maintenance technicians to double-check work.

Facility Maintenance

Maintains and oversees a company’s grounds, buildings and equipment to ensure that a workspace is safe and functional. REMC negotiates contracts with service providers, inspecting facilities to meet safety regulations and coordinating renovations and updates.