REMC/AGI – Stepping Stone Home Ownership Program


REMC deals with finances, economic and community stability through home ownership and real estate investing.

Our unique investment strategy allows us to assist the prospective homeowner in purchasing a home. We do this through our STEPPING STONE PROGRAM, by bridging the gap of all critical components to a home closing, regardless of credit condition or financial status.

When everyone else says no, we say yes!

The Stepping Stone Program was created to connect the mortgagee’s credit with a qualifying loan program regardless of credit conditions and financial status. When approved, the mortgagee is aligned with a down payment closing cost assistance program that will offset the financial burden and requirements of the lending institutions.

REMC/AGI’s operates in a paradoxical manner by focusing and analyzing the housing needs of low-and-moderate-income communities. We then take the situational analysis and provide a comprehensive proven investment strategy to address those needs.

The philosophical premises is to learn from the mistakes of the past and to build our business on respect, honor, trust, integrity, and candor. We believe these are the attributes that are needed to succeed and to become the cornerstone of the homeowners’ legacy, “the old fashion way.”

Our goal is providing decent, affordable housing and improve the livability of the neighborhoods across the DMV and abroad by revitalizing deteriorating homes. We also restore and preserve natural and physical features of special value for historic, architectural, or aesthetic reasons, and conserve energy resources by using green products.

Simultaneously, it our intention to expand economic opportunity by creating jobs and make training accessible to low-and-very low-income persons residing in our target communities.


Through our Stepping Stone Program, we offer loan programs, jobs, and training to people with low income so they can afford to achieve a piece of the American dream: homeownership.



We adhere to highly professional and ethical standards as we keep our commitment to our customers, coworkers, and communities. We strive daily to serve our clients with integrity and excellent service by demonstrating our commitment to achieve the highest standards of business ethics and accountability.


Maintaining an open and honest working environment with our clients, business partners, vendors and colleagues, without violating the trust we have developed.


Strength is in partnership and collaboration. REMC has a high-performing team dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients and customers.